4-H Social Justice Youth Development: A Guide for Youth Development Professionals

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This National 4-H peer reviewed guide was designed to help youth development professionals understand how to integrate social justiceSocial justice A vision of a society wherein the distribution of resources, opportunity, societal benefits and protection is equitable for all members. “Social justice involves social actors who have a sense of their own agency as well as a sense of social responsibility toward and with others and the society as a whole” (Baltimore Racial Justice 2016, para.11). principles into positive youth developmentPositive youth development Positive youth development refers to an approach to youth development that focuses on building strengths and promoting positive outcomes, such as competence, confidence, connection, character, caring and contribution (Lerner et al., 2005; Lerner, 2007). programs. These programs can foster young people’s agency—the belief that they can make a difference—and provide resources to address social injusticeInjustice Unequal treatment wherein the rights of a person or a group of people are ignored or restricted (Sensoy & DiAngelo, 2012). within communities.


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