Racial Equity Impact Assessment

Curated by Race Forward: A Racial Equity Impact Assessment (REIA) is a systematic examination of how different racial and ethnic groups will likely...

Equity Assessment Worksheet

This assessment gives participants the opportunity to gather evidence, engage in dialog and evaluate practices and procedures to determine a baseline for work...

Mapping Tools

Mapping tools to assist in understanding currently served and under-served areas. Zee Maps Mapme

DEI Awareness Checklist

A resource/checklist curated by Shatomi Luster-Edward with eXtension outlining the importance of DEI awareness. ☐ Gender Awareness ☐ Geographical Location ☐ Race ☐...

Everyday Racism – Algebra or Pre-Algebra?

Narrator: Tony is an African American student about to begin high school. He wants to be the first in his family to attend...

Social justice — Is it still relevant in the 21st century? | Charles L. Robbins | TEDxSBU

Pervasive injustice has society at a turning point. Every individual has a choice to make – you can either stand with me and...

Leadership for Social Justice: Preparing 21st Century School Leaders for a New Social Order

Research curated by: Gaetane Jean-Marie, University of Oklahoma Anthony H. Normore, California State University, Dominguez Hills, and Jeffrey S. Brooks University of Missouri

Defining Social Justice / Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Synthesizing the social justice discourse in educational leadership, Furman and Gruenewald (2004) offer three shared meanings of social justice embedded in various ways...

Study Shows How Children View Race Bias

A CNN produced interview by Anderson Cooper highlights a project that reveals how children view racial beliefs, attitudes and preferences.

Subconscious Racial Bias in Children

A CNN produced interview by Anderson Cooper details a 7th grader whose answers to similar scenarios differ depending on the race of the...

Do Your Assumptions Affect How You Treat People?

A video produced by Soul Pancake

Institutional Interventions to Prevent Implicit Bias from Undermining Organizational Diversity

A resource curated by the Kirwan Insitute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity.