Engaging Latino Youth Community Base Programs: Findings from the First Ten Years of the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project

Across the nation, community-based organizations are facing the challenges that accompany serving new, ethnically and racially diverse audiences. For many communities this is the first time they have experienced foreign immigration and the cultural diversity it brings. Given a shortage of easily accessed information related to working with specific culturally diverse audiences, many organizations often proceed through a process of trial and error. In actuality, there exists a wealth of knowledge and experience resident in organizations that have successfully worked with racially and ethnically diverse groups. However, programming demands leave little time for staff to think about synthesizing and sharing their information.

As one attempt to make information about Latino outreach more accessible, the Oregon State University Extension 4-H program offers this publication to share knowledge and in-sight gained through the implementation of the Oregon 4-H Latino Outreach Project. The intent is to provide pertinent and helpful information, particularly for those who are new to Latino outreach.

URL: http://cssia.org/pdf/20000038-EngagingLatinoYouthsinCommunity-BasedPrograms.pdf