Systematic Review of Universal Resilience-Focused Interventions Targeting Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the School Setting

Worldwide, 10% to 20% of children and adolescents experience mental health problems, with age of onset for many disorders reported to be from 12 to 24 years. Mental health problems in children and adolescents have been shown to contribute to lower achievement in education, and increased rates of engagement in health risk behaviors, self-harm, and suicide with the impacts of such problems often persisting into adult-hood. Thus, the prevention of mental health problems in children and adolescents is integral to promoting positive life outcomes for young people. In recent decades, there has been a shift in the focus of mental health research from risk and psychopathology to the promotion of positive outcomes such as resilience. This study represents an examination of the effect of universal, school-based, resilience-focused interventions on mental health problems in children and adolescents.

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Systematic Review Article