Youth Development Champion Groups

Various data sources suggest that specific populations, including those growing up in low income households, children and youth of color, immigrants and children of immigrants, LGBTQ youth, and children and youth with (dis)abilities, are under-served by 4-H.

These same populations, which comprise a large and growing percentage of our country’s young people, disproportionately contend with conditions that often compromise healthy development and access to adequate support, even as they carry rich cultural resources and cultivate strength and insight through adversity. The National 4-H Access, Equity and Belonging Committee is composed of the following Champion Groups:

  • Incarcerated Youth
  • Immigrant and Refugee Youth
  • LGBTQ + Youth / Community
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Youth Experiencing Homelessness
  • Youth in Foster Care
  • Youth with Disabilities
  • Youth Living in Poverty
  • Racial and Ethnic Youth
  • African American Youth
  • Asian / Pacific Islander Youth
  • Latino Advisory Committee
  • Native American Youth