Learning Circle – Diversity & Inclusion in Youth STEAM Education

Learning Circle Start Date:
September 3rd, 2 PM EDT (Zoom Meeting)Learning Circle Description:

This is a 3 week, asynchronous learning group centered around youth STEAM education, diversity and inclusion issues. The group will start with a Zoom video conference meeting*, followed by weekly emails with links to relevant videos, articles and other resources. Participants are encouraged to reply and share what they learn with others in the group either by responding to the group emails or using eXtension’s EEO platform.
Who Can Attend?:

This webinar is for eXtension members only as part of Engage & Empower Online. A list of eXtension members can be found here.

What Do You Need To Attend?:

Part of this Learning Circle will be facilitated through a Zoom video conference. You will be able to access the Zoom room through your computer, through the Zoom mobile app, or by phone.

When you register for this Learning Circle, you will also be registered for eXtension’s Engage & Empower Online platform where you will have access to the publication for this Learning Circle. You will receive your login instructions on August 26th, 2019.

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Diversity and Inclusion in Youth STEAM Education

Victor Villegas, OSU Extension Computing Technology Unit
Oregon State University Extension

Asynchronous learning group centered around youth STEAM education diversity and inclusion issues. Participants will receive weekly emails with links to relevant articles, videos and other resources and then have an opportunity to reply and share what they learn with others in the group.

Racial Equity in Food Systems Sponsored Webinar Quickly Approaching

Please join the Racial Equity in Food Systems (REFS) working group for a webinar titled:

Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics

WHEN:  Tuesday – July 16th   3:00 – 4:00 pm EDT

Presenters and Respondents:

  • Kathryn Colasanti, Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems
  • Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance
  • Lindsey Lunsford, Tuskegee University

YOU MUST REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE!  If you have not already registered, please click on this link below to register


Webinar Context

The webinar will provide an introduction to the newly published guide, Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics, including examples of metrics in four different theme areas and ways the guide can be used. Following this introduction, two food system leaders will share how they are using data and metrics to drive system change. There will be time in the webinar for questions, comments, and suggestions for related resources.

REFS is a national workgroup coordinated by the MSU Center for Regional Food Systems.

Lindsey Lunsford named as eXtension’s 2019 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Fellow

Lindsey Lunsford
Lindsey Lunsford is the eXtension Foundation Fellow for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

eXtension has named Lindsey Lunsford from Tuskegee University as the 2019 Impact Collaborative’s DEI Fellow. She will create a pathway for new work in DEI for Cooperative Extension to be developed, disseminated and used across the Cooperative Extension System. Continuing the work of eXtension’s 2018 DEI Fellow, Dr. Shatomi Luster-Edward, the focus of Ms. Lunsford’s fellowship is to develop a second version of the DEI eFieldbook to be published with eXtension for the October 2019 Impact Collaborative Summit.

Scholar activist and agriculture advocate, Lindsey Lunsford, inspired by her alma mater, Tuskegee University, is setting the tone for the upcoming generation of urban agriculturalists. Currently working as a Sustainable Food System Resource Specialist through Tuskegee University’s Carver Integrative Sustainability Center, Ms. Lunsford works in food justice and community sovereignty efforts.

Ms. Lunsford is also currently enrolled in the Tuskegee University Integrative Public Policy and Development Doctoral Program, where she studies policy advocacy for strengthening grassroots efforts from state to international levels. Lunsford’s leadership focuses on educating underserved populations on self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles while encouraging the larger community to pursue a sustainable local economy.

Articles featuring Lindsey Lunsford:

Back to the Root-2019 Pacific Northwest Black Growers Gathering

This dynamic event  is the result of a partnership with Oregon State University (OSU), Mudbone Grown, Oregon Food Bank, Black Food Sovereignty Council, Beyond Black, Pacific Northwest Black Growers, and Ecotrust. The gathering will be hosted by OSU’s Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems at the main campus in Corvallis.

This one-day NW regional conference is the first of its kind in Oregon and the Northwest, providing an opportunity for black growers – farmers, producers, manufacturers, educators, and ranchers – to be introduced (or reintroduced), network, and learn about our history, our realities, and our opportunities and resources available to Black people around food systems and growing a thriving food economy in the region. This culturally rooted event also serves as an introduction, orientation, and call for participation in the annual OSU Small Farms Conference held the next day on Saturday, February 23rd, for detailed technical workshops.  Click the logo for more information!logo

4-H Social Justice Youth Development: A Guide for Youth Development Professionals

Image result for 4-H SOCIAL JUSTICE development

This National 4-H peer reviewed guide was designed to help youth development professionals understand how to integrate social justice principles into positive youth development programs. These programs can foster young people’s agency—the belief that they can make a difference—and provide resources to address social injustice within communities.


Engage and Empower

Impact Collaborative: Engage and Empower Online

Thursday, November 15, 2018
1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT/ 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific

Generated by the eXtension Foundation, Engage and Empower Online is a co-learning community connecting local and regional Impact Collaborative projects across the U.S. for collective impact. Through public and private cross-sector partnerships with the Cooperative Extension System’s (CES) eXtension Foundation, Engage and Empower Online is a new “backbone” resource designed to collectively drive innovation and action forward toward real and meaningful impacts.

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Come On…Join Us

Building Racial Equity Within Cooperative Extension: Tools, Takeaways, and National Strategies


Thursday, December 13, 2018
2:00 – 3:30 pm EST




The past several months have provided new opportunities for Cooperative Extension professionals to come together to help understand racial equity issues within their own organization as well as include racial equity into programs they conduct within communities.  This webinar will highlight several tools, strategies, and takeaways from a panel that participated in the “Coming Together for Racial Understanding” week-long workshop in August 2018; this national workshop had Cooperative Extension participant teams from 20 states. We will also learn about the work of eXtension Foundation’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion fellow and a new fieldbook resource.

Many of you are looking for a place to start including racial equity in your work and/or making connections with those who have had multiple learning experiences with racial equity and are already using it as a programming lens.  We will use the majority of the webinar time to field participant questions and insights about integrating a lens of racial equity in the work of food systems, agriculture, health, and related content areas. Although the webinar panel is focused on Cooperative Extension learnings, the webinar is open to all educators in the food system who want to incorporate a racial equity lens in their work.

Sponsored by the eXtension Racial Equity in the Food System workgroup – A community of Cooperative Extension professionals and community stakeholders who connect, learn and collaborate to facilitate change within our institutions and society to build racial equity within the food system. 



Maryland 4-H Issue Forum

Maryland 4-H hosts Issue Forums to intentionally focus on addressing areas of social injustice within communities, the country, and the world. The purpose of these forums is to bring an engaged group of youth, community members, and educators together to deliberate about an important community issue with the help of facilitators who provide factual background and guide the conversation.

Program Goals:

    • Gather a group of engaged youth and adults to discuss a community issue
    • Increase understanding of Injustice (global – state– Local)
    • Develop a greater advocacy in Maryland
    • Develop a cohort of young activists who are engaged in community and civic engagement
    • Identify strategies to address the issue

This 3-day event is divided into 3 distinct segments:

    1. FRAMING: Framing the social justice issue & team building
    2. DISCOVERY: Engagement in action research/service project/hands-on learning
    3. ACTION: Developing community action plans