Partners & Networks in the Land Grant University System

Through a national survey conducted in late 2016, a listing of centers, institutes, and teams from within the Land-Grant University System focused on civil dialogue with an emphasis on race relations was gathered.  While the list may not be exhaustive, the following organizations were recommended for inclusionInclusion A state of being valued, respected and supported. Inclusion authentically puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an equitable environment where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are harnessed (Hudson, 2011; Baltimore Racial Justice, 2016).  in the list.  The first section below lists multi-state initiatives followed by university specific programs ordered by state, then university.

Formal Multi-State Groups:

Regional Rural Development Centers:

Specific Centers, Institutes, or Programs within a Single Land Grant University

University of Arizona: 

Colorado State University

 Fort Valley State University:  Vulnerable Populations Working Group – Woodie Hughes –

University of Georgia:

 Purdue University:  Office for Intergroup Dialogue and Civil Community

 Kansas State University:

University of Kentucky:  Department of Community & Leadership Development

University of Maryland:  Social and Moral Development Laboratory

 Michigan State University:

 University of Minnesota: The Office of EquityEquity Equity refers to the policies, practices, attitudes, and cultural messages that are representative of all members of society, such that each member has access to resources that eliminate differential outcomes by group identity (Niblett, 2017). and Diversity. Check out their certificate!

 University of Missouri:  Missouri 4-H Youth Development Academy Training team

University of New Hampshire:  The Democracy Imperative:

Cornell University:  The Community and Regional Development Institute

 North Carolina State University:    Committee on Racial Equity in the Food System

University of Rhode Island:  Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies

 Ohio State University: 

 Oregon State University:

University of Tennessee:  Institute for Sport, Peace, and Society

 Virginia Tech University:  VCE Leadership, Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement Program Team,

 Washington State University: 

 University of Wisconsin:

See also this link for a listing of organizations outside of the Land-Grant University System